Early morning attack: the iconic building of the port of Odessa was destroyed by huge flames

By RockedBuzz 2 Min Read

Early today, flames erupted from the empty hotel building in the port of Odessa. The fire spread quickly and eventually the entire building burned down. According to Ukrainian sources, the building had been completely empty for years, so apart from the destruction of the building, the Ukrainians suffered no material loss. No casualties were reported.

Contrary information is circulating among Russian bloggers. According to some, the headquarters of the Ukrainian Navy moved into the building in recent years.

Other sources, also connected to Russia, claim that the building served a different function, that military equipment intended for the Ukrainian front line was regularly hidden here.

It is certain that the building was completely destroyed, so it will not be suitable for any purpose in the future.

Cover image credit: Christopher Occhicone/Bloomberg via Getty Images

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