Drinking water bonus 2022: who is entitled to and how much – RB

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Drinking water bonus 2022: to whom and how much it is – RB

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Drinking water bonus 2022: to whom and how much it is – RB

Drinking water bonus 2022: to whom and how much it is – RB We have explained the details of the news , step by step, below. Drinking water bonus 2022: who is entitled to and how much – RB Keep reading our news. Here are all the details on the subject.

Drinking water bonus 2022: to whom and how much it is – RB

The budget law 2022 has also extended for the 2023 the bonus drinking water . This is a tax relief that was initially introduced only for the two-year period 2021 – 2022, but due to its success it may be requested again this year. This is a tax credit equal to 50% of the expenses incurred to rationalize the use of water and reduce consumption of plastic containers.

Drinking water bonus 2022: what expenses are allowed to obtain it

The costs must be incurred, in detail, for the installation of the following categories of water systems.

filtering systems . Systems of mineralization . Systems of cooling and / or addition of carbon dioxide food. All must be aimed at improving the quality of the water for human consumption supplied by the aqueducts, and therefore by the taps.

Drinking water bonus 2022: the amount for private and non-private subjects

The maximum amount of expenses on which it is then possible to calculate the subsidy of 50%, is set at these figures. 1 . 000 $ for each property for individuals. 5 thousand $ for the other categories of properties used by entrepreneurs, arts and professions and for commercial entities. They are the following.

Properties used for business commercial . Buildings used for institutional activities . The bonus therefore amounts to a maximum of 500 $ for families and a maximum of 2.500 $ for shops and offices of other types of activities.

Drinking water bonus 2022: when it expires and when to submit the application

Information on interventions must be sent electronically to Enea , the national agency for new technologies, energy and sustainable economic development.

The amount must be documented by an electronic invoice or a commercial document in which it must be reported the tax code of the applicant. For individuals, payment must be made by bank or post office, and in any case with payment systems other than cash.

The amount of the expenses must then be documented to the Revenue Agency between 1 February and 28 February of the year following that of incurring the cost (purchases of 2021 must be communicated in 2022, those of 2022 in 2023).

Drinking water bonus 2022: as fill in the application on the AdE website

The expenses must be reported by sending the specific form , available on the AdE website, via the web service reserved area or other telematic channels. The bonus can then be used in compensation with F 24 or in the tax return referring to the year of expenditure and in those of subsequent years until full use of the drinking water bonus.

It must contain the following information .

Beneficiary of the tax credit with relative tax code or signatory representative of the communication. Possible waiver of the tax credit relating to a previous communication. Subscription if part B has been completed, in the event of a tax credit greater than 150 thousand $ in total, with the anti-mafia checks and the single substitute declaration. Part A must indicate the data relating to eligible expenses, following the instructions on the website of the Revenue Agencies. The drinking water bonus should not be confused with the taps bonus or the water bonus, as we have explained to you here. Instead, we have illustrated here the instructions on how to request a refund from 1st February. If you are interested in the taps bonus, here all the news of 2022.

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