Download the iPad View program to run PUBG on the iPad perspective

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Download the iPad View program to run PUBG on the iPad view download

How to run the ipad view apk download app:

  • We write the password inside the program and then log in to the Login program
  • Then select the game that you want to be Korean (Korean) or Global and then click on DONE
  • Then enter the game normally and play without any disturbance

Information about the game of Peggy for iPad view

Once you download the game PUBG, the excitement will begin, and from it you will come down from Parachute while suspended in the air to a frightening island where no one is present, and it is a mysterious, unknown island, where you only have the island map, this map is responsible for clarifying important things that you need, then The game begins and the suspense begins, but you do not have any weapon or anything in which to defend yourself, and in order to find the ammunition and weapons that you need to fight, and the raw materials for ambulance, you must do a careful search, and this game provides you with a short-range weapon, and a long-range rifle, where available In the game of PUBG for iPad, you can search for other players to help you and help you in the search process, or you want to risk your life alone, one of the rules that works by in the game of Peggy on the iPad program The possibility of setting up an ambush for someone close to you and this is a bit important and very interesting and a new idea, and you must do to protect him and keep him alive in full health, and you are thus the winner, and the other person who kept him alive wins a luxurious meal of chicken, and you can do a match, and you can also Team yours is made up of three or four people, depending on your preference. Download here: ipad view

Download the iPad View application to run the game of Peggy on the iPad

The ipad view application in the PUBG on the iPad, where this application works on the Android operating system, the application was released on the date of 10/12/2020, the license is free, the size is equal to 3 GB, and it is a multilingual program, the official name of the program is ipad view, and we will provide you with the link that enables you to download IPad View app so you can play the Peggy game on your iPad.

Steps to run the ipad view application to run the game of Peggy on the iPad

  1. First you have to type in the password inside the program, then log in to the program Login.
  2. Second, specify the game you want to start with and whether it is Korean or international.
  3. Third, press the DONE command.
  4. Now you can enter the game in a simple, easy and normal way.
  5. You are now playing PUBG on an iPad.

How to  cancel the iPad perspective in the game of Peggy

تحميل برنامج ipad view لتشغيل ببجي علي منظور الايبادتحميل برنامج ipad view لتشغيل ببجي علي منظور الايباد

Enter the program and type the password, then in front of the Korean or the international press STOP and it returns to normal


To download the ipad view program via Mediafire from here Password  : DYNOOO

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