Download SD Maid Pro APK MOD Free!

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SD Maid is an app and file management tool that helps you to keep your device clean and tidy!

This app unlocks the “Pro” status in the free version of SD Maid, enabling all additional features.
This is not a stand-alone app. You still need to install the free version of SD Maid.

I don’t mind a quick mail if you have questions.

If you are unhappy with your purchase, mail me within a week and ask for a refund.

Download SD Maid Pro APK MOD Free!

Is SD Maid Pro worth it? CCleaner for Android will clear cache and clean up storage with little additional features.  Although they are all great cleaners, our top recommendation is SD Maid because of its adequate file browser and numerous options for cleaning your device.


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SD Maid Pro Comments

  1. Sd Maid Pro is the pinnacle of android cleanup solutions. Nearly bug-free operation for 8 years (for this user, started using the free app circa 2013). SD Maid reliably and efficiently discards useless data. Other functionality includes an app activity mgr (autoboot, hidden actions, app freezing). The default config is simple, easy to use and effective. Don’t be mistaken, a plethora of configuration options enables SDMaid to be an extremely powerful solution to Android performance degradation.
  2. I’ve been using SD Maid Pro for a few years and it works wonders, especially on rooted devices. The AppCleaner and Scheduler features definitely makes it worth the purchase. However, one thing I’ve noticed is that the feature to hide the app is missing on my device running Android 11, even though it was present on my device running Android 7. I’d appreciate if this feature was brought back in the Android 11 version. I liked the feature because it was simple but effective, and it was especially helpful on devices where I couldn’t use a custom launcher that could hide the app manually. I currently give SD Maid Pro a four star rating, but I will change my rating to five stars if the app hiding feature ever gets fixed.
  3. So I had a problem with the pro version not getting access to my sd card during the initial setup for my Note 9. Instead of just clicking on the red rectangle and then hitting allow (doing so would just have it go back to the red rectangle), you want to hit the upper left horizontal lines and physically select sd card to give it permission. It’s because it tried to gain access to the download folder within the sd card only and you have to give permission to the entire sd card.
  4. I got the pro version of this app just because I have thousands of duplicate files and needed a way to remove the duplicates but so after buying the pro version just to use this feature mind you I go to start removing the duplicates and no matter what I did and I mean I tried everything it’s still kept saying failed to remove duplicates wow..

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