Dmitry Medvedev also reacted to Viktor Orbán’s words

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We are close to becoming a legitimate, accepted, common question in the conversation between European leaders as to whether the member states of the European Union can send peacekeeping troops in some form, or whether they should not do so. We are close to this border that was previously thought to be impassable

he declared Viktor Orban to Radio Kossuth on Friday morning.

Dmitry Medvedev responded to the suggestion without mentioning the name of the Hungarian Prime Minister on his Telegram page. At the same time, in the writings of the Russian president between 2008 and 2012, he talked about NATO troops, even though Viktor Orbán specifically referred to conversations between EU leaders.

According to Medvedev, such peacekeepers would obviously be enemies of Russia who would threaten Russia, therefore would be a legitimate target.

We will see if Europe is ready for a long line of coffins of peacekeepers

Medvedev wrote.

In his profanity-filled, impassioned post, the former Russian president and prime minister noted that operations in Korea, Vietnam, Yugoslavia, Iraq and Afghanistan show how it ends when the United States and its allies send troops to other areas.

On Friday Dmitry Peskovthe Kremlin spokesman also responded to the Hungarian Prime Minister’s suggestion.

Jaroslaw Kaczynski, the leader of the leading Polish government party, PiS, after his visit to Ukraine on March 15 last year, suggested that an armed peace mission should be sent to Ukraine from the West. At that time, no one embraced the Polish politician’s idea.

According to ISW

Apart from the words of Viktor Orbán, there is no sign that Western politicians would seriously consider such a proposal,

And Medvedev probably just used the comments of the Hungarian Prime Minister to portray the West as wanting to escalate the war.

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