Disabling Telegram Joined Notification (2021)

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We are telling those who do not know how to disable Telegram Notification. In this way, you can get rid of messages and notifications. After the WhatsApp application’s policy change for Facebook ads, users’ boycott and interest in different messaging applications increased. There is a lot of interest in the Telegram application, which is seen as an alternative to the WhatsApp application. Due to the density of new users, closing the Telegram Joined Notification process will benefit everyone.

How to disabled friends join telegram notificationHow to disabled friends join telegram notification

After downloading and registering the Telegram application, everyone who is registered in your phone book receives a “Telegram Joined Notification”. You can turn this off very simply. The steps below are the current method in 2021. You can report the problems and problems you are experiencing.

Disabling Telegram Joined Notification

You can turn off the Contact Joined Telegram option in the Settings > Notification and Sounds menu. This will turn off the push notification.

How can I stop telegram joined notifications?

Disable Telegram Join NotificationDisable Telegram Join Notification

You can go into Settings > Privacy and Security and scroll down to Delete Synced Contacts, which will prevent future ones from being created. Telegram said that the toggle only disables the push notification but you will still get those notifications in-app if you’ve synced your contacts.

Follow the steps to Turn Off Telegram Joined Notification. If you still get a “Joined Telegram Notification” to your contacts, let us know.

Series : Less than a minute tutorial

  • 1. Goto settings
  • 2. Click on Notifications & Sound
  • 3. Uncheck Contact Joined Telegram.
  • 4. Hurray ! No Annoying Notifications.

Login to the Telegram application,
Come to the settings section,
Click instead of Notifications and Sounds,
Turn off the button next to Person Joined Telegram.
After entering the Telegram application, go to the settings, click on the notifications and sounds part of the settings, turn off the button next to the rate where the Person Joined Telegram will appear. In this way, you will be able to turn off the Telegram Joined Notification.


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