Difficult days await those who are sensitive to the front

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Tuesday night in general, the sky will be very cloudy or overcast, but from the west it will temporarily break and the cloud cover will thin out. Precipitation is expected in several places: snow rain in places along the northeastern border, snow in the mountains, while rain and showers are likely in several waves in the southern half of the country. Air movement remains moderate. The lowest night temperature is likely between -4 and +4 degrees, the coldest will be in the northern parts.

On Tuesday in the first half of the day it will still be very cloudy, the sky will be overcast, and then the clouds will decrease in the afternoon. At first, scattered rain is expected in Transdanubia and the southern counties, then from the evening to the east of the Danube – in the morning there may even be snow in Northern Transdanubia. The wind from the south and south-west will pick up in several directions, in the north-east and in the Sopron area there may be strong gusts at times. The highest daytime temperature is usually between 5 and 10, a few degrees higher than the southern border.

On Wednesday the sky will generally be moderately to heavily cloudy. Sporadic rain and showers may occur. The south-west and south winds will revive in many places and strengthen in some places. The morning lows are between -1 and +5, the afternoon highs are mainly between 8 and 15 degrees.


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