Did the Russians shoot down another Ukrainian star weapon? – There is something strange about the recordings

By RockedBuzz 2 Min Read

According to the Russian point of view, their air defense took down the British weapons with 100% efficiency (the Ukrainians claim the same about their own air defense), regardless of the fact that they were unable to provide evidence of this until last Friday, and countless recordings of the mentioned weapons hitting Russian targets appeared on the Internet.

Last week it became clear that the Russian air defense is capable of taking down the Ukrainian star weapon not only in theory, but also in practicethe photo published today should also confirm this.

By the way, there is only one problem with the recording: a

if we compare it with last week’s pictures, it can be seen that the weapon is quite “intact”, while the Storm Shadow that was hit by a missile exploded into small pieces.

The current photos probably show a robotic aircraft that it malfunctioned after launch and crashed. If he had been caught by an anti-aircraft missile, he would have fallen to pieces like his “colleague”.

The cover image is an illustration, source: Getty Images

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