Criminal news Today, 4:18 p.m. Torņakalna housewife arrested for using war glorifying symbols

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The court has ordered the detention of Jelena Kreile, an activist who gained public attention, for using symbols glorifying war.

Pro-Kremlin activist Jelena Kreile
Pro-Kremlin activist Jelena Kreile Photo: LETA/Eddie Palen

The court has ordered the detention of Jelena Kreile, an activist who gained public attention, for using symbols glorifying war.

On March 28, the police received information that Russian flags, an inscription in Russian and one ribbon in the colors of the Latvian flag are again visible in the windows of a house in Torņkaln, Riga, the State Police informed.

The law enforcement officers responded to the received information and went to the already known address, where they encountered the alleged culprit and arrested her. On Thursday, at the request of the police, the court ordered the woman to be detained as a security measure.

Police searched the woman’s residence, during which flags and inscriptions were removed from the windows, as well as items that could be used as evidence. The woman was arrested and taken to the police station for further procedural steps.

This was not the first time that law enforcement officers visited the residence of the woman born in 1967 – at the beginning of March, the woman was arrested for similar actions, namely for using symbols glorifying war. Also at that time, the woman had pasted Russian flags, one Latvian flag, one ribbon in the colors of the Latvian flag, as well as various inscriptions in Russian and Latvian on the windows of her apartment.

In these cases, police officers initiated criminal proceedings under the article of the Criminal Law for public glorification of genocide, crime against humanity, crime against peace or war crime. Such a crime can be punished by deprivation of liberty for a period of up to five years, or by temporary deprivation of liberty, or by probation supervision, or by community service, or by a fine.

The State Police reminds that activities and activities glorifying the aggressor country Russia or its army are not allowed and supported in Latvia.

Meanwhile, the State Security Service (VDD) has recently urged the prosecutor’s office to initiate criminal prosecution against Kreili, who regularly demonstrated support for the aggressor state Russia and the war it started in Ukraine in public places.

The VDD started the criminal process against this person on March 16 of last year for the possible glorification and justification of war crimes and crimes against peace committed by Russia, the VDD informed.

The person has been found numerous times in public places and at public events, carrying a shoulder bag with the symbol “Z”, which is used in Russian propaganda resources as a symbol of support for Russia’s military operations in Ukraine.

Likewise, a person at the Russian embassy in Riga expressed support for the aggressor state during a protest against the war started by Russia in Ukraine. The person has also regularly carried out other provocative actions aimed at glorifying and justifying Russian aggression.

35 administrative violation proceedings have been initiated against the woman at the Riga Zemgale station of the State Police – half for using symbols glorifying military aggression and war crimes in a public place, and half for violations of Covid-19 restrictions.

The Baltic investigative journalism center “Re:Baltica” recently reported that Kreile is a housewife. Born and raised in Latvia, but knowing a few words of Latvian.

The protester in her was said to have awakened during the Covid-19 pandemic, when a vaccination certificate was required to enter the store. Then the first skirmishes with law enforcement officers began, which culminated after the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The woman repeated to the journalists that she does not support either the war or the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, but it was not possible to get an answer from her about what is happening in Ukraine. It has nothing to do with the cases against him. Kreile not admitting guilt in any of the cases, but turning against him is happening because “evil forces turn against the good, they are demons”.

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