Courteney Cox says she’s ‘the happiest I’ve ever seen’: ‘I love working’

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Courtney Cox He’s over the moon: He just attended his Walk of Fame celebration and is starring in the new one He shouted movie.

“The place I’m at right now is the happiest I’ve ever been. There are a lot of things that are not okay with getting older, but there are a lot of great things and that is being in a place where I love to work. I try harder now in things. I care more. I love directing. I love acting. I love producing,” she said Variety. “I feel like I’ve been doing it long enough that I really know what I’m doing and therefore I can excel. i can be better. I take more chances. There’s just something about the safety of time, doing something for so long, I probably love it more now than I ever have.

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As for what the future holdsthe brunette beauty, 58, is obsessed with true crime and has a specific story in mind that she hopes will be made for TV or film.

“Her name is Courtney Myles, which is weird because that was my name when I started! She did the second season of Mind Hunterand he wrote a script that we got the rights to,” he noted. “He wrote an incredible script. We have great producers and I really hope that happens because that would be my next project – to direct something that I am so passionate about that is based on a true story.

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Having been in show business for quite some time, Cox has certainly learned a lot, especially from which appears on Friends.

Friends it taught me the importance of camaraderie and really sticking together. These friendships were at the most important time in my life and we went through so many things together,” she said. “And it taught me to be there for each other—I know, this is the song: ‘I’ll be there for you.’ But it’s true. It was so nice to work with people who could brainstorm ideas with each other. Everyone wanted the best for everyone. There was no jealousy, it was just, ‘Let’s make the best show we can and support each other through that.'”

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