Corona virus: There may be vaccine-injured people in Hungary, but no one pays them

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In our previous two articles, we wrote in detail about the fact that in more and more countries around the world it is being raised that the vaccinations against the coronavirus have long-lasting side effects in some of the vaccinated people. According to the literature, patients suffering from side effects for more than 6 months are affected post-Covid vaccination. In several countries, they are also dealing with this, and even compensation can be expected in Western European countries or even in Australia.

As far as we know, no state organization officially deals with longer-term side effects in Hungary, and no one takes responsibility for them.

The editorial team of Portfolio found several vaccinated, emphatically not anti-vaccination patients who suffered some kind of serious health damage due to vaccines against the coronavirus. Given the sensitivity of the case, they will appear in the article under pseudonyms.

Andrea side effects

Andrea is a healthcare worker, by her own admission she is not anti-vaccination, and by the way she is a doctor’s wife. He has been suffering from the side effects of the vaccine for more than two years. He received the first dose in December 2020, as one of the first healthcare workers. According to his own admission, the whole nightmare started on the 7th day after the first vaccination. He developed a fever, accompanied by neurological symptoms and muscle spasms. Then it happened again on the 14th day. At that time, even he believed that this was a normal reaction to vaccination.

However, in the months following the second vaccination in January 2021, more and more unwanted effects appeared in his body.

A series of mysterious phenomena, painful lymph nodes all over the body, antiphospholipid syndrome and other autoimmune processes started with him. The woman in her early 40s almost had her lymphatic system burst, which not only caused her blood clotting problems, but also permanent chills, sudden vision loss, connective tissue damage, muscle spasms, muscle pains, and thickening of the vein wall. All this was associated with unreasonably frequent heart palpitations and chronic fatigue syndrome. He emphasized that he is not anti-vaccination, but his health was not problem-free even after anti-inflammatory drugs, plasmapheresis (filtering and recirculation of the patient’s blood) and other forms of treatment.

“Myomas appeared in the uterine wall which caused distortion, even imaging tests cannot identify them, cysts and tissue growth everywhere. Menstrual disorders occurred. Because of this, I can only work part-time to this day. I went through a lot of treatments and most of the doctors did not recognize that my symptoms were caused by the vaccine against the coronavirus, and in the end, in a couple of findings, it is stated as the final conclusion that it could not have been caused by someone else,” Andrea told of her ordeal. After the second vaccination, when he could barely walk, his blood count showed an almost immunodeficient state.

He also forwarded his health findings to the Portfolio editors. Tachychardia (faster than usual heartbeat) and other complications following the vaccination were clearly described as diagnoses by the doctors who examined him.

On one of his outpatient records, it is stated as an expert opinion that his health problem may be the result of a vaccination.

Moreover, the immunological and cardiology findings of the summary include the term “post vaccination syndrome”, and the doctor’s note that taking another mRNA vaccine is contraindicated, i.e. recommended against.

Csanad side effects

One of our colleagues, who also works in the media, could tell a lot about the side effects of vaccinations, he even reported on them. He is also anti-vaccination, and despite his ordeal, he vaccinated himself for the third time, albeit with a different type of vaccine. He is very grateful to his doctors because they treated his serious problems well. Said:

After taking the first dose, my gallbladder died within a few weeks in the first round, it had to be operated on, and then I had a stroke, which was obviously caused by a blood clot.

Although, despite being very thoroughly investigated and all risk factors for stroke ruled out, they only said that it was likely to have been caused by the vaccine. But after an ambulatory gallbladder operation, the body is already in a thrombophilic state, it is impossible to say afterwards what caused it, and it is not a black-and-white story either – Csanád briefly described his story.

He also mentioned that already after the first vaccination, he had a fever above 42 degrees for 2 days, but he still asked for another dose of the same vaccination, and his family doctor did not recommend another vaccination either. “I made this decision because at that time the position was that the higher a person’s fever, the better the immune reaction,” explained Csanád.

The stroke came after the second dose. He was treated by a neurologist in the stroke ward, that doctor saved his life.

“I don’t feel any pain on the right side of my body. That’s all that’s left from the effects of the stroke. My brain regenerated. After having my gallbladder removed, for obvious reasons, I don’t eat a lot of fatty foods because I can’t digest them very well,” he said.

It is not mentioned in his final report that he had serious health problems due to the side effects of the vaccination.

In any case, Csanád reported his case to the National Pharmaceutical and Food Health Institute. Months of correspondence followed. His case was officially investigated. He received a response from the health authorities, but no compensation.

“You can’t ask for compensation, I talked to several lawyers. The manufacturer sold the vaccine to the Hungarian state without taking responsibility for its effects. Those who submitted the vaccine against the coronavirus as a Hungarian citizen signed a declaration that they voluntarily undertook this. The government has shifted the responsibility to the people,” Csánád summed up the scope of responsibility, who could at most sue his family doctor as to why he did not recommend a different type of vaccination after the fever over 42 degrees, but he would not have kept this legal excuse. lucky. Meanwhile, in more and more countries, the long-term side effects of vaccines, treatment methods, and compensation options are being investigated. Nothing like this is known in Hungary.

In the first part, virologist Miklós Rusvai spoke alongside Katalin Karikó, creator of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine. It was also revealed whether the Hungarian authorities answered the following questions:

In the second part, we presented an Australian research and the state’s attitude to the side effects of vaccines. The authorities themselves ask that anyone who notices lingering side effects report it.

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