CNN fact-checks Marco Rubio over disaster relief

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CNN fact-checks Marco Rubio over disaster relief
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CNN fact-checks Marco Rubio over disaster relief

Not one Florida Republican lawmaker in the United States Congress voted in favor of disaster relief after Category 4 Hurricane Ian barreled its way across the Sunshine State last week, which killed dozens as it inundated entire coastal cities and wiped out low-lying communities. The lone exception was Senator Marco Rubio, with his political career on the line in the November midterm elections, who did not bother to show up.

On Sunday, Rubio appeared on CNN’s State of the Union where he was confronted by host Dana Bash over having opposed the very funds that the GOP requested from the Senate Appropriations Committee:

After Hurricane Sandy hit Northeastern states in 2012, you voted ‘no’ on a $50 billion relief package. I know you supported a smaller version, but why should other senators vote for relief for your state when you didn’t vote for a package to help theirs?

Rubio attempted to explain:

Oh, I’ve always voted for hurricane and disaster relief. I’ve even voted for it without pay-fors. What I didn’t vote for in Sandy’s was because they had included things like a roof for a museum in Washington DC, for fisheries in Alaska. It had been loaded up with a bunch of things that had nothing to do with disaster relief. And I wouldn’t support disaster relief efforts – I would never put out there that was should use a disaster relief package for Florida as a way to pay for all kinds of other things people want around the country.

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