China will certainly not be happy about this – Taiwan is preparing to deploy wild new weapons

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Back in 2016, Taiwanese President Caj Ing-wen initiated the establishment of a fleet of ten submarines. Two of the ten ships are older Dutch vehicles, and eight will be manufactured in Taiwan. The first copy of this series will be launched on Thursday.

The ship worth 1.54 billion dollars (562 billion forints) hits facial system was developed by the American Lockheed Martin, according to the available information, it will not have land-based strike capabilities. The commissioning of the second ship is planned for 2027.

Taiwan’s undisclosed goal is to dissuade China from a possible invasion by developing its navy.

Taipei and Beijing mutually regard each other as their own territories, regardless of the fact that separate governments have operated in the two territories since 1949.

The cover image is an illustration, the USS Albuquerque is on it. Source: Michael Watkins via Getty Images

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