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The German Bundestag denounces Navalny’s death and blames Putin

By Natalie Portman

Omid Nouripour, federal president of the 90/Green Alliance, speaks through the session of the German Bundestag concerning the penalties of

Putin declares war on Britain’s CHIPPYS as 68-year-old peace treaty allowing UK trawlers to catch Russian cod ripped up

By RockedBuzz

Putin declares war on British CHIPPYS as 68-year-old peace treaty permits UK trawler to catch Russian cod Source

UK average earners ‘struggle’ to make ends meet despite £60,000 salaries

By Adriana Lima

Skyline of London, UK ©CanvaUK residents incomes an average or shut to average wage are struggling to pay hire, afford

Assange case not political, US says

By RockedBuzz

Supporters of Julian Assange maintain a placard exterior the High Court, which was listening to the WikiLeaks founder's attraction towards

‘UK’s most dangerous spider’ bite leaves 5-year-old unable to walk and covered in rash

By RockedBuzz

The bite of Britain's 'most dangerous' spider left five-year-old Lily Hodgson from Eastleigh, Hampshire, 'head to toe' in boots and

Finance for mis-sold cars: UK motorists could be owed thousands

By Adriana Lima

Cars in a parking zone. ©Canva.People within the UK who purchased a automobile utilizing a mortgage between 6 April 2007

Ukraine worn down as war enters third year

By RockedBuzz

A serviceman with the 59th Special Motorized Infantry Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine prepares to launch a BM-21

Japan is no longer the world’s third-largest economy as it slips into recession

By RockedBuzz

Japan misplaced its place as the world's third largest economy to Germany, as the Asian large unexpectedly slipped into recession.

Korean doctors’ walkout starting to hurt

By RockedBuzz

Doctors and healthcare employees participate in a protest in opposition to a plan to admit extra college students to medical