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In Latvia Today, 19:01VIDEO A group of immigrants managed to illegally cross the Latvian border, 6 people were detained

By RockedBuzz

A farmer from Krāslava district, who wished to remain anonymous, reported to the local media, Latgale Regional Television, that a

Rastafarian children in Malawi begin returning to school as dreadlock ban is lifted

By Adriana Lima

Rastafarian children in Africa ©GIANLUIGI GUERCIA/2005 AFPRastafarian children in Malawi are set to begin their return to state schools next

Tesla is resorting to the tactics of rival automakers

By RockedBuzz

Reuters also points out that Tesla, which has aggressively cut the price of its cars in several regions this year,

Adidas plans to sell the “Yeezy” range and donate the money to charity

By Natalie Portman

German sports retailer Adidas plans to continue selling shares of its "Yeezy" range it launched with controversial rapper Kanye West

AbroadToday, 19:353 A source in the White House reports that Washington will support the transfer of modern fighter jets to Ukraine

By RockedBuzz

US President Joe Biden told the G7 leaders at the summit in Japan that Washington will support the supply of

The effects of the slimming vaccine were examined: a recent study shows “unprecedented” results

By RockedBuzz

In the research led by Aaron Kelly, a colleague of the University of Minnesota, 201 obese adolescents between the ages

The Hungarian government is the only EU country to oppose the Council of Europe’s decision on the war

By RockedBuzz

Azerbaijan, Armenia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Hungary, Serbia and Turkey did not sign the declaration on the creation of a register of damages

NGOs in Italy criticize Europe for allowing the deaths of migrants in the Mediterranean

By Adriana Lima

©euronewsMore than 45,000 migrants have arrived in Italy so far this year, marking the highest number since 2017. In response,

Surviving the financial jungle: How to navigate the changing market environment?

By RockedBuzz

In the recent period, the S&P 500 and the Nasdaq Composite indexes have been corrected due to inflation concerns, changes