British intelligence: the Russian army can win a major victory, but Moscow will have to make a huge sacrifice

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Today’s report from the British Ministry of Defense revealed the following data:

  • The Russian army is attacking the villages round Avgyijivka with massive forces. Their purpose is to encircle the metropolis. The settlement is vital as a result of it is extremely shut to the metropolis of Donetsk, so it has “political significance”.
  • Russian forces got here shut to the Avgyijivka coke and chemical plant. If the Russians are in a position to purchase the plant, the Ukrainian logistics functionality in the area will be in deep trouble, as the Russians will have the ability to management the most important highway to the metropolis from right here.
  • According to the British, the space is fortified to such a stage that the Russians will most likely solely have the ability to seize the plant at the price of heavy losses, if they’re in a position to accomplish that in any respect.

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