B&O’s new Beosound A5 speaker supports Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

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Bang & Olufsen has introduced a new high-end portable battery-powered speaker, the Beosound A5, which features a high-performance sound system in a retro Scandinavian design aesthetic enclosure.

The speaker is a three-way system with a 5.25-inch woofer, two 2-inch midrange drivers, and a 3/4-inch tweeter to deliver 360-degree surround sound. The drivers are powered by four discrete digital amplifiers that deliver 280 watts of total power. B&O says the speaker uses beamforming technology it initially developed for its Beolab 90 and 50 floorstanding speakers to create an immersive audio experience.

origin 1B&O says the Beosound A5 can be easily disassembled for recycling when it reaches its end-of-life stage.

Bang & Olufsen

Beosound A5 is an indoor/outdoor loudspeaker, boasting an IP65 weatherproof rating, meaning it’s impervious to dust ingress and protected against direct water jets from any direction. So, it’s not submersible, but it should withstand being sprayed with a garden hose. (you will learn everything you need to know about IP codes at the previous link.)

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B&O says the speaker’s built-in battery should provide more than 12 hours of playback, and the battery can be used to charge the smartphone via a wireless charger built into the top panel.

Beosound A5 has a built-in Bluetooth 5.2 radio, but it also has a built-in Wi-Fi adapter that supports Apple AirPlay 2, Chromecast, Spotify Connect and B&O’s Mozart platform.

Using Mozart, two Beosound A5 speakers can be set up as a stereo pair, using the Bang & Olufsen app, or the speaker can be added to a Mozart-based multi-room sound system with other Mozart-compatible speakers. B&O say a future enhancement will use the loudspeaker’s ultra-wideband support to enable ‘proximity pairing’, which will automatically connect two Beosound A5s as a stereo pair when they are placed close to each other.

origin 1Beosound A5 has touch controls on the top panel and a wireless charger for your smartphone.

Bang & Olufsen

The speaker’s high-end components are said to be housed in an equally luxurious aluminum enclosure, finished in a “natural” or charcoal black finish, with a woven paper fiber front on the former and an oak wood speaker cover. dark on the second. . Both models have oak handles: light oak on the natural model and dark oak on the anthracite model.

Bang & Olufsen promises that Beosound A5 will be a long-lasting speaker. To help deliver on that promise, the company says it features a modular design that can be easily serviced and repaired. In addition, buyers will be able to replace the front cover of the speaker with one made with new materials and colors so that “it can evolve with the customer’s style and identity”.

Once the speaker reaches its end-of-life stage, the company says the high-quality structural materials used to build it, combined with its ease of disassembly, will make it easy to recycle.

The Bang & Olufsen Beosound A5 is available to purchase now, online and in shops. The Nordic Weave model, pictured above, is priced at $1,149 (£899, €999). The Dark Oak model, pictured at the top of the page, costs £999, €1099).

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