Big move from MVM – Many Hungarians can do well in the midst of the utility bill increase

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We have previously reported that the MVM also helps with informational short films to navigate the modification of the overhead reduction.

In recent days, the service provider has continued to provide this kind of information in two installments 6 informative videos also shared. In these, the process of registering on the online interface is discussed, information about dictation, the characteristic curve, as well as in-depth information about payment in installments, invoicing settings and the authorized payer function can be obtained.

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Presumably, the most important purpose of the brochures is to promote the online platforms of the MVM Next service provider (as well as its telephone customer service, which can be reached at 061-9999-650), thus relieving the burden on personal customer service. More and more matters can be handled through the service provider’s online channels (website and applications), such as, for example, the invoicing options, settlement methods, or the modification of the characteristic curve that defines the framework of discounted residential consumption.

But if someone has online access to their utility bills, then you can easily use the installment payment option. This will especially come in handy for many who they recently received their settlement invoice, and due to last year’s amendment to the utility bill, they find themselves facing a significantly larger amount to pay than usual, the payment of which can even cause problems (especially in the current generally higher inflation environment). On online platforms, the concerned customer can choose whether he wants to pay the amount of the invoice in 2 or 3 months. MVM sends information to consumers by email about the processing of the installment payment request.

It is important to note that in the case of a positive assessment, the service provider sends the invoice for 2 or 3 installments at the same time, that is, the customer must pay attention to making the payments according to the appropriate schedules.

It is also important that a by choosing the installment payment option, the amounts to be paid based on the installment payment must be paid at the specified deadline, as well as the amount of any newly arriving invoices.

installment payment
Excerpt from MVM’s video, where we can get an answer to the question of how to settle the utility bill in detail.

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