Best sustainable sunglasses to buy in 2022

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WANT to minimise the environmental impact of your summer shopping? We’ve found you the best sustainable sunglasses that are eco-friendly and stylish to boot.

Shopping sustainably is becoming increasingly more important to consumers and no wonder; the rise of fast fashion and the ease of online purchasing has led to many of us questioning our habits and trying to be more conscious about what brands we support.

With sunglasses often being heavily trend-led, it’s easy to buy, wear and discard – but what happens when said sunglasses end up in landfill?

Well, many sunnies are made from acrylic: a super-durable thermoplastic that can take years to start decomposing, before breaking down into harmful microplastics. Not ideal.

Luckily, these days there are plenty of brands offering biodegradable sunglasses – so no matter where they end up after use, you can be certain that they won’t leak toxic chemicals into the environment.

Check out our pick of the best sustainable sunglasses below.


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