Attention to the new empty account message: here is the image – RB

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Attention to the new empty account message: here is the image – RB

Hello, Welcome to the RockedBuzz News site! I will present you all the details of Attention to the new empty account message: here is the image – RB here.

Attention to the new empty account message : here is the image – RB

Attention to the new empty account message: here is the image – RB We have explained the details of the news, step by step, below. Attention to the new empty account message: here is the image – RB Keep reading our news. Here are all the details on the subject.

Attention to the new empty account message: here is the image – RB

New scam against the Italians. Once again to be exploited is the name of the INPS . This was reported by the Social Security Institute itself, which warns you to be wary of communications inviting you to send personal data. In fact, attempts are underway throughout Italy by e-mail that exploit the name of the INPS.

These are phishing mails that play on alleged communications from a self-styled INPS customer service and invite to send personal data by clicking on a link in the message .

The objective of the false communication would be – reads the scam message – to obtain the payment of a sum by bank transfer by the INPS itself. Do nothing because it is a scam.

What not to do and what to do

These scam messages attempt to fraudulently steal personal data or data relating to our current accounts and credit cards. So absolutely they are never to be opened .

If by mistake you have clicked on the link in the message, immediately close the new internet page that has opened and immediately delete the message from your device, phone or computer. If you can, delete it permanently from the recycle bin as well.

Here is the image of the scam mail you need to be careful of:

truffa inps

What are the real bonuses Inps

We remind you that information on your personal position at the Institute can be consulted by directly accessing the website and that, for security reasons, INPS never sends e-mail communications containing attachments to download or clickable links.

Don’t be fooled even by alleged Covid bonuses . The new section “Covid – has been published in the dossier” Coronavirus: INPS measures ” : all INPS services “in which all the services provided by the Institute are grouped, in accordance with the provisions of the government decrees, to deal with the economic and social implications deriving from the pandemic.

From this section you can directly access the following services :

Application for the emergence of an irregular employment relationship; Covid indemnity – 19 (Bonus 2400 $ Sostegni Decree 2021); Covid allowance – 19 for domestic workers; Emergency Income; Covid leave – 19; Bonus baby sitting. Covid Bonus – 19. In the different areas of the online section there are also all the economic services aimed at families and workers such as:

parental leave, permissions law n. 104 / 92 and baby-sitting bonus; NASPI , DIS-COLL and agricultural unemployment; ordinary layoff, check Ordinary and Redundancy Fund in derogation; compensation for workers. Patronage users must access the appropriate patronage services. For any assistance need, however, it is always possible to contact the Institute’s offices.

New INPS services for deaf and blind people

We also report a news for INPS services , long awaited. The “INPS breaks down communication barriers” campaign has started, a project dedicated to deaf and blind people , following recognition, on 19 May 2021, of the Italian Sign Language (LIS).

The project involves the creation of information video pills on INPS services , presented by a “narrator” and translated into LIS. The following services are currently available:

Pension for the deaf; Communication allowance; Health assessment; QR Code invalidity; Degree ransom; SPID; Benefits in favor of deaf and dumb and disabled workers ; Basic income.

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