Another attack was repulsed by Ukrainian forces at Bahmut

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Serhii Chervaty, the spokesman of the Ukrainian Eastern Forces, spoke on a TV program about the Russian army suffering new losses in the battles for Bakhmut, during the past day 244 Russian soldiers were killed and another 315 were wounded.

The enemy is already looking for reserves to replace the exhausted troops

– he claimed.

According to his words, nine skirmishes took place in the Bakhmut region during the day, and Russian forces carried out 26 attacks on the positions of the Ukrainian Defense Forces.

He stated that the task of the Ukrainian troops in Bahmut is to “break the combat potential of the enemy” and ensure access for Ukrainian reinforcements.

The General Staff explained in the report that the Ukrainian Air Force carried out six strikes on Russian bases in the region on Tuesday, and that missile and artillery units hit a Russian Buk air defense missile system and struck three “concentration areas”. Meanwhile, the Russian military carried out 19 airstrikes and one missile strike, as well as five attacks with multiple rocket launchers.

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