An opposition politician is added to the Israeli unity government

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s party has previously announced that opposition politician Avigdor Lieberman has agreed to join the security cabinet. Lieberman, however, appeared to contradict this claim for a while, expressing that he would instead be involved in a smaller group managing the war in Gaza.

Lieberman finally clarified his position in a social media post:

I am willing to join the War Cabinet for the quickest possible victory. I am not interested in being “minister number 38” in the cabinet and serving as a fig leaf.

Before this, Netanyahu’s Likud party indicated that it had invited Lieberman and another previously unknown member of his party to the security cabinet. The party’s statement read that “Lieberman has accepted the invitation.”

Benny Gantz’s centrist party agreed on Wednesday to form a unity government with Netanyahu and his right-wing coalition partners in response to last Saturday’s attack by Hamas.

Source: Reuters

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