An agreement has been reached: a magnetic railway will soon be running in Berlin

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One is deliberate A 5-7 kilometer lengthy take a look at monitor would be constructed for a magnetic railway (maglev). A magnetic railway is a railway the place the trains don’t come into contact with the rail, however float above a magnetic monitor, so they’re able to increased speeds than typical railways.

Dirk Stettner, the chief of the Berlin CDU faction, stated that the development of a magnetic railway monitor is cheaper and may be applied quicker than, for instance, a subway line. The prepare would function with out a driver and would be appropriate for each passenger and freight transport.

The building wouldn’t be financed from the price range, however from a particular local weather fund, its complete worth It would be round 80 million euros. The faction chief didn’t point out the place the monitor would go and when building would start.

Cover picture: the Shanghai Magnetic Railway. Source: Getty Images

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