American analysts: the Russian assault teams have changed tactics, this is now the main objective

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Russian forces have been besieging Avgyivka since October, final week a breakthrough was achieved in the south and Russian assault troops entered the metropolis. This was allegedly achieved by Russian particular forces infiltrating the metropolis via the sewers:

In its newest evaluation, the American ISW ​​suppose tank writes that the Russian army consciously changed ways round Avgyiivka: as a substitute of encircling the metropolis, the objective is now to occupy the settlement from avenue to avenue.

Russian forces now in all probability prioritized reaching high-casualty tactical successes with mild infantry, as we noticed in the Battle of Bahmut after breaking via Bahmut’s metropolis limits.”

ISW writes.

ISW additionally covers: Due to the doable lack of Avgyijivka, the Ukrainian protection of Donetsk area is not going to be considerably broken.

Currently, there are roughly 40,000 Russian troopers in the Avgyijivka space, in line with Ukrainian sources.

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