America did something that caused serious tension in NATO: one of the alliance’s strongest countries was upset

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Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan condemned the US decision to send a large aircraft carrier to the coast of Israel. The USS Gerald R. Ford is already on its way to its destination in the Mediterranean Sea. According to Erdogan, the participation of the warship will lead to massacres in Gaza.

What is the American aircraft carrier doing in Israel? Why are you coming here? He will destroy Gaza with strikes on the surrounding areas and start a serious massacre

– said the Turkish president. In addition, he also spoke out against Israel’s procedure, in his opinion, Tel Aviv is violating human rights when it puts the Gaza Strip under a complete blockade. The Israeli Defense Minister announced yesterday that they will place a total blockade on Hamas territories, cutting off water, electricity, food and energy supplies to them.

Turkey previously supported the Gaza Strip with significant amounts, which were delivered to the isolated area as humanitarian aid.

Cover image credit: Chief Mass Communication Specialist Christopher Delano/US Navy via Getty Images

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