Amanda Lear, terrible gaffe on Domenica In: “She looks like a Ukrainian mig ** tta”

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Guest at Domenica In, Amanda Lear, in addition to having talked about her life and her loves, has become the protagonist of a terrible gaffe.

Amanda Learhost of the episode of Sunday In of March 13, 2022, became the protagonist of a big gaffe, on a day in which the conflict in Ukraine does not seem to be calming down.

Amanda Lear and the terrible gaffe a Sunday In: “She looks like a Ukrainian girl”

“She looks like a Ukrainian girl”said Amanda Lear commenting on the photograph of the girl who plays her in the film Dalì Landcoming out in the hall.

“Looks like what?” He asked Mara Venier, which he had not heard. Lear immediately corrected: “She looks like a James Bond’s girl”.

“I used to joke! I was talking about the girl who was doing my part and I was joking ”, she then tried to apologize to the showgirl after the commercial break.

Mara Venier’s apology: “I didn’t understand, I distance myself”

At the end of the interview, Mara Venier also wanted to apologize in first person: “I want to clarify one thing: when Amanda came up with that unhappy joke, I immediately said ‘what did you say?’ because I did not understand, it is clear that, if I had understood, I would have immediately distanced myself as I do now“.

“This is not the time to make unnecessary controversies: I had not heard, stop the controversy. You know what Amanda is like.

The basis of his personality are the jokes, this was a very unhappy exit that I have not heard, and let’s close here “, continued the presenter of Sunday In.

“I don’t want to go back to it, but I found myself embarrassed by Amanda Lear’s unhappy exit. I apologize, even if I have very little to do with it, but I feel compelled to apologize to all women, but especially to those Ukrainians who have been in our hearts for weeks“, Concluded Venier subsequently.

The loves of Amanda Lear, “serial traitor”: “Dali was possessive, I was never bored with Bowie”, but the most beloved man remains her husband

On Rai 1, Amanda Lear talked about her life, characterized by great loves, like the one precisely for Salvador Daliof which he became the muse and which he defined “Not only a master of art and painting, but also a teacher of life”.

“His idea was to have me marry a Spanish aristocrat and live in a palace with Chanel clothes. When I started to have some success, I paid for it! And then there I saw that he didn’t like seeing that I was independent. He was possessive. When he left he was very sorry“, Lear said.

“When he got sick, he had Parkinson’s, he couldn’t paint anymore… I wanted to help him, but he started losing his mind and died alone, without children and without anyone. After him I thought of meeting a great painter, but it didn’t happen ”, she continued the showgirl.

Another great love of Lear was David Bowie: “Near him I was never bored. David Bowie gave me the first push, he taught me a lot. It was the first time I went out with a guy who wore more makeup than me … he had a great desire to learn“.

The only one marriage for Lear it was however the one celebrated in 1979 in Las Vegas with the aristocrat and music producer Alain-Philippe Malagnac d’Argens de Villèle. The couple remained together until his death in 2000. The showgirl claims that her husband is the man she loved most and he dedicated the album to him Heart.

Lear finally admitted to being one “Serial traitor”: “Fidelity does not belong to me. When I went on tour, at the end of my concerts there were thousands of guys waiting for me. There was born the joke that I used men like kleenexes“.

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