Although he tried to remain calm, Romania was caught up in the grain scandal

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Earlier, we also wrote that Romania refrained from introducing the import ban, in contrast to Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria and Slovakia. The latter four states have taken unilateral steps to protect their local markets and producers by ordering import bans on Ukrainian agricultural products.

Reuters relives that Ukraine’s access to its Black Sea ports was blocked and later restricted as a result of the Russian attacks. Consequently Kiev was forced to find alternative transport routes, so millions of tons of grain and oilseeds ended up on Central and Eastern European markets, harming the interests of local farmers.

Earlier this year, the European Commission said it would take emergency preventive measures for wheat and other fodder crops, compensating local farmers.

In addition, it was recorded that grain from Ukraine will only be allowed into the five Eastern European countries if it is intended for other EU member states or the rest of the world.

According to Daea, the Commission’s measures are conditional on member states withdrawing their unilateral bans. If no agreement can be reached, the Commission will specifically seek to ban exports to Romania, Daea said, adding that

Romania receives protection based on the decision of the European Commission, and the farmers receive compensation.

The Commissioner for Agriculture of the European Union expressed optimism about the matter on Tuesday. According to his hopes, the countries neighboring Ukraine will soon accept the agreement that will allow Ukrainian grain to be brought into their country for export elsewhere.

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