All the lines for the election of the President of the Republic – RB

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All the lines for the election of the President of the Republic – RB

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All sides for the election of the President of the Republic – RB

All the lines for the election of the President of the Republic – RB We have explained the details of the news, step by step, below. All the lines for the election of the President of the Republic – RB Keep reading our news. Here are all the details on the subject.

All sides for the election of the President of the Republic – RB

Quorum a 673 in the first three ballots, from the fourth onwards absolute majority a 505 : this is how the President of the Republic votes, on 13 th Head of State which will take the place of the Quirinale which for the last 7 years has been owned by Sergio Mattarella. At the moment, however, no side has the numbers to be able to elect the President on their own.

Quirinale elections, the numbers of the right side

But what is the subdivision of parliamentary groups and voting lines? Let’s see it in detail:

League: senators 64, deputies 133, regional delegates 15, total 212 Forza Italia-Udc: senators 50, deputies 79, regional delegates 11, total 140 Brothers of Italy: senators 21, deputies 37, 5 regional delegates, total 63. Courage Italy- Idea Let’s change: senators 9, deputies 20, regional delegates 1, total 24. Noi con l’Itali to: 5 deputies. Considering that the President of the Senate, Elisabetta Casellati (Fi-Udc), should not vote, total center-right: 451.

Quirinale elections, the numbers of the left side

M5S senators 74, deputies 158, 4 regional delegates, total 236. Pd: senators 39, deputies 95, regional delegates 20, total 154. Leu: 6 senators, deputies 12, total 18. Same goes for the Speaker of the Chamber, Roberto Fico (M5S), who shouldn’t vote, therefore total center-left: 407.

Quirinale elections, the numbers of the center line-up

Italia Viva: senators 15, deputies 29, total 44. Democratic Center, 6 deputies. Maie: 1 senators, 1 deputies , total 2. Action-Plus $pe: 2 senators, 3 deputies, total 5 . Total center area: 57.

Quirinal elections, numbers of others and senators for life

Former M5S: Alternative: 2 senators, deputies 16. Mixed Group, Senators 24, deputies 23, total 65. Linguistic minorities: 4 senators, 4 deputies, 2 regional delegates, total 10. Other senators: Gianclaudio Bressa and Pier Ferdinando Casini (Autonomie Group), Leonardo Grimani (ex Iv), Rosellina Sbrana (ex Lega), total 4. Other deputies: Giusi Bartolozzi, Stefano Benigni and Claudio Pedrazzini (ex Fi), Michela Rostan and Rossella Muroni (ex Leu), Fausto Longo (elected to the Est ro con Pd), Alessandro Fusacchia (ex Più $pa), total 7. Senators for life: 6. They are Giorgio Napolitano, Mario Monti, Elena Cattaneo, Renzo Piano, Carlo Rubbia and Liliana Segre.

Quirinale elections, possible candidates

Here are the possible candidates to become the next President of the Republic (here how much the Quirinale earns and how much it costs):

Mario Draghi Silvio Berlusconi Giuliano Amato Elisabetta Casellati Pier Ferdinando Casini Marta Cartabia Paolo Gentiloni Letizia Moratti For this crucial moment in the political-institutional life of the country, it is the Chamber of Deputies that plays the role of ” landlord “: both the votes and the oath of the president of the Republic are held right here.

Now the problem is to understand how to solve all the problems related to the contemporary influx of 1009 major electors (deputies, senators and representatives of the Regions) to Montecitorio of the hundreds of journalists who will be accredited to the event.

The orientation is to take decisions by evaluating the epidemiological situation close to the start of the voting, so as to be able to opt for more or less restrictive solutions.

The only thing already decided is the stop at conferences and initiatives with the presence of the external public ordered by the Quaestors by mid-January to mid-February, in order to minimize attendance in the Palace. Therefore, the obligation of the green pass and to always wear the mask remains firm (here more info on how a President of the Republic is elected in times of pandemic).

For the election of the Head of State, the Parliament in joint session integrated by the regional delegates, which meets in Montecitorio and is chaired by the President of the Chamber with his own presidency office, functions as a polling station. However, it may be that only a minimum of voters are in the Chamber to follow the count live.

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