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If you haven’t claimed any free or discounted video streaming service from your wireless carrier, you’re probably leaving some money on the table.

Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, and AT&T all offer streaming deals with certain wireless data plans, allowing you to get services like Netflix, Disney+, and HBO Max for free or cheap. While some of these offers are just extended free trials, others are completely free or heavily discounted with no strings attached.

Making sense of all these streaming offerings isn’t easy, so I’ve tried to gather all the details in one place. Here’s everything you need to know about getting Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max, or other services for free through your wireless carrier:

Updated April 14, 2023 to reflect the following changes: Verizon’s Netflix agreement, Verizon’s removal of six-month Discovery+ trials, T-Mobile’s removal of one-year Paramount+ trials, and T-Mobile’s removal of YouTube TV discounts.)

Verizon streaming offers

Add a +play subscription, get a year of Netflix Premium ($240 value):

Only available to Verizon postpaid subscribers. Must pay for a year’s an eligible subscription, subscriptions are then renewed monthly. It works for both new and existing Netflix subscribers. limited offer, more details here.

The Disney Package ($15/month value):

Includes Disney+ (no commercials), Hulu (with commercials), and ESPN+ (with commercials)
Free with Get More Unlimited and Play More Unlimited plans Upgrade to Hulu ad-free for $6 a month, but not to Hulu + Live TV Redeem by May 17, 2023. Redeem through the My Verizon websiteor see Verizon FAQs for more details.

Six months of Disney+ Premium ($11/month value):

Free with eligible unlimited plans. Redeem by May 17, 2023. Redeem through the My Verizon websiteor see Verizon FAQs for more details.

Apple TV+ ($7/month value):

Free with the “One Unlimited” plan. (Also includes Apple Music, Arcade and iCloud+)

Not sure which Verizon plan you have? You can check by logging in Verizon’s My Plan page.

T-Mobile and Sprint streaming offers

Free Netflix (T-Mobile only):

Basic (SD video, one stream, $10/month value) with single-line “Magenta Max” or multi-line “Magenta” plans
Standard (HD video, two streams, $15.49 value per month) with multi-line or legacy “One Plus” “Magenta Max” plans Can be upgraded to higher Netflix tiers at a discount View T Mobile website for instructions on how to redeem

Hulu on-demand for free (existing Sprint customers only, $8/month value):

Available with Sprint Unlimited plans. Upgrade to ad-free for an additional cost. Redeem through the Sprint website

Free Apple TV+ ($7/month value):

Available with T-Mobile Magenta Max and Sprint Max plans Magenta and Sprint One plans get six months instead Redeem via TMobile OR Sprint

Wire discounts:

$10 a month off (for one year) with all T-Mobile and Sprint postpaid plans Redeem through the T-Mobile website

One year of Vix+ (T-Mobile only, $84 value)

Available with all T-Mobile and Sprint postpaid plans Automatic renewal at full price after one year Redeem through the T-Mobile website

Free MLB TV ($140 Value):

Offered only at the start of the baseball season. It will be available every season until 2028. Redeemable via the T-Mobile Tuesdays app

What happened to AT&T’s free HBO Max deal?

AT&T has stopped offering free HBO Max with its current wireless plans, but if you have an older AT&T unlimited data plan, you may still be able to get HBO Max for free.

The following AT&T plans are currently eligible for HBO Max as of this writing:

Unlimited Elite Unlimited Plus & Plus Enhanced Unlimited Choice, Choice II & Choice Enhanced Unlimited & More Premium

To see what plan you have, you can access the AT&T plan management page.

Assuming you’re eligible, choose “Sign in with TV or mobile provider” when logging into the HBO Max app, then select AT&T as your provider and enter your account ID and password. AT&T has more detailed instructions on its website.

Advantages of the prepaid operator

Some prepaid operators also offer free streaming services. Here’s a quick rundown:

Free HBO Max with Cricket: Available with $60/month unlimited plans.
Free Amazon Prime with T-Mobile Metro: Available with $60/month unlimited plans.
Verizon (formerly Tracfone) total: Obtain Free Disney+ with $60 plansor six months with $50 plans.
Choose a free service with US Mobile: Clients with three Unlimited Premium lines can choose between Netflix Standard, HBO Max, the Disney package or Apple TV+. Customers with four lines can choose a second service from the list.

Subject to changes

Keep in mind that wireless carriers often change their plans or introduce new ones. I’ll try to keep this story updated as things change, but feel free to send me an email if something is wrong.

You can also check out mine Tagliacavi weekly bulletin to stay up to date on the ever-changing world of television.

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