Air India grounded crew for handling unruly passenger during flight

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NEW DELHI (RockedBuzz via Reuters) – Air India issued a show lawsuit notice and removed a pilot and four cabin crew members as it investigates the handling of an unruly passenger on a flight from New York to Delhi in November, the airline said. ‘airline CEO on Saturday.

The Tata-owned airline has come under criticism from India’s aviation regulator following an incident on a Nov. 26 flight in which an apparently inebriated male passenger urinated on a co- passenger.

A second similar incident occurred last month on a flight from Paris to Delhi.

“Air India recognizes that it could have handled these matters better, both in the air and on the ground, and is committed to taking action,” the airline’s CEO and chief executive officer Campbell Wilson said on Saturday.

Wilson said Air India has initiated multiple steps to improve its response to such incidents, including an overhaul of airline policies and reporting processes.

A male passenger accused of misconduct on the flight from New York to Delhi has been fired by his employer Wells Fargo, the bank said Friday, adding it was cooperating with local law enforcement.

Local media said on Saturday the passenger had been detained by Indian police.

Air India will fully cooperate with affected passengers, regulators and law enforcement agencies, Wilson said.

“We are committed to providing a safe environment for customers and crew, as well as operating in full compliance with all laws and regulations,” he said.

(Reporting by Aditi Shah, Writing by Devjyot Ghoshal; Editing by Jacqueline Wong)

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