Ágnes Hornung: a new element is being added to the family support system

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According to Ágnes Hornung, along with creating a dwelling, monetary safety and freedom of resolution, there might be 4 primary pillars of the Hungarian family support system. The state secretary added that they’re engaged on a bundle that may support this fourth pillar.

At the briefing held at the joint exhibition stand of the Mária Kopp Institute for Population and Families (KINCS) and the Family-Friendly Hungary Center, the state secretary acknowledged that the new measure is being launched as a result of Hungarian family coverage is continually in search of renewal factors that can be utilized to fine-tune the system.

Explaining the measures launched to this point, he stated that the CSOK Plusz might be renewed from January 1: relying on the variety of future and present youngsters, households can use a state-subsidized mortgage with a most rate of interest of three p.c, which, relying on the variety of youngsters, could be 15, 30 , and even HUF 50 million. Families can use these types of support at credit score establishments in the identical method as the earlier low cost, he added.

Speaking about monetary safety as the second pillar, the state secretary emphasised that since 2010, these measures had been the most outstanding, amongst them he highlighted the family tax low cost, the childcare charge, and the one-time private earnings tax refund, stressing that in 2021 and 2022 these measures left the households with round HUF 4 billion.

The third pillar is the chance of freedom of resolution, which helps to make sure that, as well as to the numerous duties created by having youngsters, neither research nor careers are a drawback for many who have youngsters, which is why the variety of nursery locations has been tripled.

Speaking about the soon-to-be-introduced fourth pillar, Ágnes Hornung emphasised the “wholesome thoughts in a wholesome physique” precept, since so as to give you the option to increase a little one in happiness, bodily and psychological well being is important, and in the future much more emphasis might be positioned on this pillar.

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