After more than 20 years, the Rác spa in Budapest can open

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Budapest Gyógyfürdői és Hévizei Zrt. is in the EU public procurement gazette published the results of the planning procedure, according to which the work worth HUF 119 million can be carried out by Budapesti Építőművészeti Műhely Kft., writes the The design contract was already signed on February 15.

The investment consists of three performance stages:

  • preparation of the design documentation,
  • obtaining the missing utility permits,
  • design participation in the public procurement procedure for construction.

The designer’s task is also to obtain all official, specialized authority and utility provider permits and declarations necessary for the construction.

There was a bath on the site of the Rác bath even before the Turkish era, it was only opened in 1965 after the Second World War. By 2002, its renovation became unavoidable, so it was closed, although the reconstruction was completed in 2010, but due to ownership and legal disputes, the bath was not opened, and since then its renovation has become essential again.

Cover photo: Tibor Polinszky / Budapest Gyógyfürdői és Hévizei Zrt.

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