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Attend meetings, webinars, and virtual classrooms with Adobe Connect. View and attend online meetings, present content, or even host completely. Hosting meetings require an Adobe Connect account.

Adobe Connect Download

Adobe Connect Mobile 2.0Adobe Connect Mobile 2.0

Adobe Connect offers many ways to join and collaborate on remote sessions. You can use the Adobe Connect application for desktop on Windows, Mac OS, and Adobe Connect mobile, and Android and iOS.

Adobe Connect APK Download

How do I get the desktop app?

You can download the application from Click.

Alternatively, if you want to share your screen or presentation via the browser in a meeting, the browser will ask you to install the app.

To install the application, close all Adobe Connect instances and begin installation.

Adobe Connect meeting application

The Adobe Connect meeting application offer greater performance and a better overall meeting experience and is required to share your screen in an Adobe Connect meeting. It can be installed before your meeting using the installers below.

For organizations that do not allow their end-users to install the Adobe Connect application the MSI installer is available for IT departments to deploy the application.

If using Firefox on Mac OS, you must right-click on the appropriate application link below and select “Save Page As” to download the application.

Meeting Applications for Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect meeting applications are backwards compatible with earlier versions of Adobe Connect. Please note that although there is currently no application for Linux, users on Linux (Ubuntu, Red Hat and OpenSUSE) can still attend, host, or present in meetings in the browser.


For on-premise and managed services customers on older Adobe Connect versions (pre 11.0)

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