Abroad Yesterday, 14:04, Greece and Italy were hit by a heat wave

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Temperatures exceeded 40 degrees Celsius in most of southern and central Greece, as well as in tourist-friendly Cyprus, on Friday.

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Temperatures exceeded 40 degrees Celsius in most of southern and central Greece, as well as in tourist-friendly Cyprus, on Friday.

Due to the unbearable heat, the Acropolis of Athens was closed from 12:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m., as a tourist suffered a heatstroke in the morning. However, after being taken to the hospital, it was found that there was no danger to her health.

However, the acropolis is also closed to tourists on Saturday to protect visitors and employees.

The temperature reached 44.2 degrees in Thebes on Friday, but it could rise to 44 degrees elsewhere in Greece on Saturday.

Meteorologists warn that in the near future there is no hope for the temperature in Athens to drop to 35 degrees, which is usually typical for this time of the year.

Meanwhile, in Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus, the thermometer reached 43 degrees on Friday.

Italy is also suffering from extreme heat, and it is predicted that the heat will continue to take hold next week.

It is expected that the heat wave “Cerbers” will not subside throughout Southern and Southeastern Europe.

In Italy, the “red” alert level has been announced in 16 cities, including Rome, Bologna and Florence.

It is predicted that the temperature in Rome could reach 40 degrees Celsius on Monday, and even 43 degrees on Tuesday, surpassing the record of 40.5 degrees registered in August 2007.

The European Space Agency warns that temperatures in Sicily and Sardinia could reach 48 degrees, setting an absolute European record.

Greek meteorologists predict that it could continue until the end of next week.

In all countries affected by Cerberus, doctors recommend drinking plenty of water, but avoiding alcohol and sugary drinks.

People are advised to stay outdoors as little as possible and refrain from vigorous physical activities such as jogging and cycling.

In Greece, delivery companies are banned from sending their workers to customers in the south when the heat is at its peak.

Meanwhile, those working in the public sector are invited to work from home as much as possible.

In addition, municipalities across Greece have opened their air-conditioned buildings to free access for citizens to seek refuge from the unbearable heat.

A temperature rise is also expected in Germany on Saturday, reaching 30 degrees in the east of the country, and 37 degrees Celsius in the south.

France, Spain and even Poland are also suffering from the heat.

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