A thunderstorm is approaching Hungary, a warning has been issued for half the country

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“Caution! Thunderstorms may develop. The primary source of danger is lightning, in addition, strong winds and hail may occur in some cases!” – reads the OMSZ warning.

On Thursday, from the late morning hours, thunderstorms may develop mainly in the western and southern parts of Transdanubia, and then in the southern and central areas of the Great Plain. Especially in the western and northwestern parts of the country, there is even a chance of severe thunderstorms. Thunderstorms are typically accompanied by wind gusts of 65-80 km/h, stronger cells exceeding 80 km/h, hailstones, and small grains of ice.

Regardless of thunderstorms, stormy gusts of up to 70 km/h can be expected on Thursday in Transdanubia and in the Northern Central Mountains.

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Source: OMSZ

According to the national forecast, it will still be very cloudy in the first half of the day on Thursday, and then the clouds will begin to decrease and become cloudy from the afternoon. By the second half of the afternoon, mostly cloudy, sunny weather with some veil clouds is expected. The highest daytime temperature is usually between 14 and 19 degrees, it will be warmer in the western regions, where we can even measure values ​​a degree or two higher. By late evening, the air will cool down to between 5 and 11 degrees.

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