A ship ran aground in the Suez Canal, but traffic was not impeded

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The Liberian-flagged MSC Istanbul, which was on its way from Malaysia to Portugal, got stuck in a two-lane section of the Suez Canal, said Admiral Osama Rabei, head of the Suez Canal Authority. Tugboats were deployed to help refloat the vessel.

Last month, a tanker transporting liquefied natural gas also broke down in the Suez Canal, also without affecting the canal’s traffic.

In January, a freighter carrying corn ran aground before being resurfaced; after a while, traffic on the waterway was restored.

In 2021, the stalling of Ever Given caused massive chaos in world trade.

Opened in 1869, the canal provides a vital link for oil, natural gas and cargo. About 10% of world trade flows through the canal, which is one of the main sources of foreign exchange for Egypt.

According to data from the Suez Canal Authority, 23,851 ships passed through the waterway last year, and 20,649 ships in 2021. Revenue from the canal is expected to reach $8 billion in 2022, the highest in the history of the Suez Canal.

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