A serious video has emerged: it looks like the Ukrainian attack at Novodarivka went badly wrong

By RockedBuzz 2 Min Read

In the area of ​​the settlement located in the eastern tip of Zaporizhzhya county, almost directly on the border of Donets county, the Ukrainians have attempted several attacks in recent days: some of them were successful, some less so.

A few hours ago, footage was released of a particularly unsuccessful ground operation: the Ukrainians tried to break through the Russian defense lines with two tanks and roughly half a dozen mine-protected armored fighting vehicles (MRAPs).

The squad ran into a Russian minefield, almost all of the vehicles were destroyed in seconds. The crew that survived the attack apparently escaped and retreated.

It is not known exactly when the recording was taken, since there have been several such attacks in the area of ​​the settlement since June. It is possible that it is an older video, even several weeks old, that has only just become known. In other words, we can see an attack that happened earlier, from a perspective not seen before.

It is also likely that it is a recording of an older offensive, because in recent days the Ukrainian leaders have limited land offensives and started to focus more on the liquidation of Russian artillery assets.

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