A new wave of terrorist attacks is to be expected, says terrorism expert

Adriana Lima
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origin 1Belgian police stand behind a cordoned off space close to the place a suspected Tunisian extremist was shot lifeless hours after the manhunt for him on Tuesday, October 17, 2023. ©Martin Meissner/Copyright 2023 The AP. All rights reserved

Claude Moniquet spoke to RockedBuzz by way of Euronews under an attack in Brussels that caused two deaths Monday and an evening manhunt, ending with the suspect being killed by the police.

“I believe we could have a wave of terrorism on this planet. It might be in Europe – it is in Europe,” he mentioned.

“Today it is in France and Belgium. It might be tomorrow within the United States, perhaps anyplace, however there’ll be a terrorist shock following what’s taking place within the Middle East.”

The assault in Brussels was the second terrorist assault in Europe within the house of just a few days, after the homicide of a instructor within the French metropolis of Arras final week by a suspected jihadist.

Experts have warned that the battle between Israel and Hamas might encourage additional attacks, as Moniquet additionally believes.

“What is taking place in Israel is a new motivation. It is a new incentive that enables jihad to re-emerge and improve, however essentially we’ve got to perceive that radical Islam is the underlying downside behind it and that terrorism is only a instrument which comes out when it has an excellent pretext to come out into the open,” the terrorism expert instructed RockedBuzz by way of Euronews.

Moniquet added, nonetheless, that the chance of large-scale coordinated terrorist attacks occurring in Europe is minimal, on condition that there is not the capability to accomplish that. However, attacks by people are extra doubtless.

“Today we have more individual attacks or attacks in families or linked to very small friends,” he mentioned.

“Mogouchkov, the person he attacked in Arras, labored together with his household, his little brother, a cousin, his older brother who was already in jail.

“These are the issues that we’ll see, that we’ll in all probability see and that it is very tough to counter as a result of the key companies can assault a community, as a result of in a community you could have to talk, you could have to phone, you could have to trade emails, you could have to meet.

“If you work to prepare an attack with your brother, no one will see it.”

Moniquet additionally mentioned European governments ought to begin stepping up intelligence gathering and sharing to assist thwart additional attacks.

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