A NATO member state struck a historic arms deal: here comes the PULS

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Israel will sell artillery weapons to the Netherlands for 305 million dollars, according to a statement by Defense Minister Joáv Galant, the deal will strengthen the relationship between the two countries and Israel’s position in the world.

Israeli arms and defense equipment have been sold to the Netherlands before, but so far these deals have been between private companies and not through intergovernmental agreements.

The agreement was signed by Jaír Kulasz, the director of the department responsible for international cooperation at the Israeli Ministry of Defense, and Martin Wijnen, commander of the Royal Netherlands Army, on the Dutch side.

The Netherlands is paying 305 million dollars (105 billion forints) for twenty PULS artillery systems manufactured by the Israeli defense company Elbit Systems, including ammunition. The five-year contract includes the training of Dutch soldiers and further support for the use of the system.

The PULS system is capable of launching both unguided and precision-guided missiles from a range of 12 kilometers to 300 kilometers.

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