A more rainy period follows

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Monday night the sky will be mostly cloudy, but the clouds may be thinner over the northeastern landscapes. Significant precipitation is unlikely in the first half of the night, light rain in the west from dawn, and snow may occur in Northern Transdanubia. Air movement remains moderate. The lowest night temperature is usually between -3 and +3 degrees, but it can be a few degrees colder in some places in the northeast.

On Monday mostly cloudy or overcast weather is expected. Sporadic rain and sleet may occur in the north, snowfall in the mountains in the northeast, but rain and showers can be expected in several places in the south. There, most of the precipitation arrives in the second half of the day. The south, south-west wind will pick up in several directions. The highest daytime temperature is usually between 3 and 9 degrees, and in the southern regions between 10 and 13 degrees.

On Tuesday we can expect mostly cloudy weather, the cloud cover may be thinner in the second half of the day. More rain is expected in the southern half of our country, less in the north. Especially in the north and in some places in the mountains, snowfall may also occur. The south and south-westerly wind will pick up in many places, and in some places in the northern part of the country it will strengthen from time to time. The lowest night temperature is usually between -3 and +4, the highest daytime temperature is mostly between 5 and 10 degrees, and in the south between 11 and 13 degrees.

On Wednesday the sky will generally be moderately to heavily cloudy. Sporadic rain and showers may occur. The south-westerly wind intensifies in many places and strengthens in some places. The morning lows are between -1 and +5, the afternoon highs are mainly between 8 and 15 degrees.

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