4iG would list its shares on other European stock exchanges

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The main points of the interview:

  • By selling DIGI’s mobile network equipment and frequency Jászai Gellért said that although the buyer is a state-owned company, the state has never given support or benefits to the 4iG Group, joint transactions have always been carried out on a value basis. The old plan of the state is to have its own tower and network infrastructure for emergency communications for reasons of national security, which is why the purchase of DIGI’s equipment was necessary. If the state were to implement the development with a green field investment, it would cost twice as much and take about 4-5 years, Gellért Jászai said.
  • That’s how it flows part of the purchase price will be used to repay loans, partly for the transformation process, and partly for the development of its own landline and mobile network infrastructure the 4iG.
  • With the outsourcing of the infrastructure, the structure of the company group changes, the implementation of the transformation process starts from September and 4iG is expected to operate in a new model from January 1, 2025.
  • The Hungarian market not big enough for a fourth mobile operatorthe sale of the mobile network infrastructure does not change the market conditions, except that 4iG can mobilize more resources for the development of its network equipment – Jászai Gellért believes.
  • Regarding the Spacecom cooperation, Jászai Gellért said that there will be a Hungarian commercial and communication satellite, which is also a matter of sovereignty and national security.
  • Regarding the 4iG shares, Jászai Gellért said that the volatility of the share has greatly decreased, which is the basic condition for institutional investors to buy and the company’s goal is to have a greater number of institutional investors among the owners. Because liquidity is weak on the Hungarian stock market, that’s why 4iG will consider listing its shares on other European stock exchanges.
  • The price of 4iG’s shares is rising in today’s trading, the share is up 4.1 percent, making it an outperformer on the Hungarian market.
4IG exchange rate development

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