[2022] Xvideo rocker pro series h3 4.1 wireless audio gaming chair download

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I bought a gaming chair like this because I have a low to the ground table for my PC. [2022] Xvideo rocker pro series h3 4.1 wireless audio gaming chair download Pros: – Everything audio based is fantastic. I was able to plug the chair in into my PC and ALSO I was able to plug in my other speakers and sub through the MP3 audio jack.

Surround sound success. WUB WUB WUB – Easy set up, ready to rock. – Sleek look, set up the throne of command and rule your empire. – I’m a 5’10” guy with a pretty slender build, I fit fine. Cons: – My back and neck are destroyed from battles with everyday labor. In order to be comfortable for hours I bought a car lumbar support pillow to give me that extra comfort.

– The location of the vibration device behind the lower back is in a good spot but it protruded a bit so if you slouch it may dig into your back. – This isn’t anything like real leather so you can’t go Mad Max on it and ride it into a war zone. (This isn’t too much of a concern)

Overall: – With a few modifications, this chair is great. A lot of parents seek these sort of chairs for their children so I think the size will be enough for all ages. If you do try to utilize this as a PC chair you may have to remove one of the arms like I did, so you don’t have to slide it out every time you get up. Worth the money, especially if you are comparing to expensive office chairs that don’t have any of the bounty hunter gadgets included.

Xvideo rocker pro series h3 4.1 wireless audio gaming chair download

I received this item on Christmas eve. I would’ve given this product 5 stars but it has a loose RCA connection port on the (Red)Output side. whenever I remove an RCA cable from the red output jack, the jack sleeve (aluminum casing) comes out the hole and is attached to my male RCA connector. It is a pain to get needle nose to pull it out and reattach it to the port each time. I’m not sure if that was from the moving of shipping or product default from factory. Other than that issue the Sound and Vibration is amazing. It really changes the environment in gaming and movies. **NOTE TO GAMERS** I have to say this as experienced with both the XBOX ONE and PS4, The XBOX ONE somehow outputs more volume than the ps4 controller to the chair when connected. Both Audio output settings from the controllers are set to max output and both are bluetoothed to their consoles. still loud on both, but noticeably louder on the XBOX One. I do recommend the product.

x rocker gaming chair

x rocker gaming chair

My husband loves his chair. When not in use he uses it as a speaker when playing games. Beware when you buy this online, and go pick it up in store, if you have a tiny/small vehicle this will not fit in the trunk or back seat without taking this heavy thing out of the box. Spent almost 10 minutes shoving this thing in my back seat. It’s worth the work though, great product.

gaming chair with speakers

Chair was purchased as a gift. Feed back I received from the recipient- chair is comfortable but left speaker in the head portion of the chair if faulty. Called up the manufacturer who said they would send a new speaker. Speaker was shipped but the connector cable is soldered on to speaker and then connects to the internal wiring with a clip. Manufacture shipped just the speaker and expects the customer to know how to solder on the speaker from the existing cable within the chair to fix the speaker. When asked about a new chair they said they are out of stock. When asked about a tech to be send out to repair the chair (contrary to the manual) they do not send out tech to repair the chair. You only have 14 days from ship date to fix any issues. Other then the one speaker not working the chair sounds great and the subwoofer is good. The pack that connects to the back of the TV needs a AC power adapter. Batteries ware out quickly. As the person who purchased the chair for a friend. It is dis-heartening to purchase something so expensive and have a product that does not work and manufacturing leave me hanging.

floor gaming chair

My autistic daughter is a gaming fanatic. Her old gaming chair she’s had for several years and worn it down to the frame. We decided to upgrade and this is what we settled on. For the most part the chair is extremely loud and has a great sound, however the instructions don’t tell you depending on what console you have you may need to buy an hdmi extractor. I spent an hour trying to figure out what in the world I was doing wrong until I found an article online that explained. After purchasing the necessary part and hooking everything up, I can now hear Zelda coming through the walls! ūüôā She’s happy so I’m happy! She says this chair is much more comfortable than her old chair.

gaming chairs near me

x rocker gaming chair

I bought the “un-pedestal” version and I’m glad I did, both for ease of moving it around the room (it is pretty heavy even without the pedestal version which is not a bad thing) and because I wanted to sit lower to the floor for my game setup – this lower profile also makes the chair look smaller in your room if space is an issue as it is in my gaming area. I’ve had it for over a month now. Let’s just say it survived the Diablo III launch with absolutely no problem – and I’ll only expand that by saying it’s been well used for many hours since I got it. I was actually looking for a chair without sound, but all in all I’m glad I got this, the sound works and sounds much better than you would think – especially given it doesn’t cost a whole lot more than a good “normal” desk chair. I’m not talking full HD audio, it’s headphone and/or RCA input – but it does a very good job and left/right separation is awesome – compare it to your headphones and you’ll be surprised. Compare it to your surround sound external speakers and you’ll be surprised. Oh yeah – I’m 6″1 and 200 lbs – it fits a full size person just fine, that was one thing I was worried about after talking to other game chair owners. This one actually has a taller back than my “executive” style office chair. It’s leather – or at least, whatever it’s made of is tough and looks like it cost more than it did. I can’t figure out why it folds down in half though – who needed that ? It still takes up as much floor space folded as it does fully opened, and it’s not really functional when folded up for anything at all since it’s not flat or level and it rocks. But that’s not why I bought it so whatever. Also – as expected, the entire purchase process at WalMart.com was easy, quick and painless. Sent it to my house in plenty of time to start playing !

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