10 Mysteries Scientists Fail To Explain – RB

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I 10 mysteries that scientists cannot explain – RB

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I 08 mysteries that scientists fail to explain – RB

I 10 mysteries that scientists cannot explain – RB We have explained the details of the news, step by step, below. I 10 mysteries that scientists cannot explain – RB Keep reading our news. Here are all the details on the subject.

I 10 mysteries that scientists cannot explain – RB


Venus, Alzheimer’s, ball lightning and the anus, the questions that don’t let scientists sleep: even the most experienced can’t explain these 10 mysteries

22 January 2022

If science continues to take giant steps – and it does – there are still mysteries to which he cannot give an answer. But there are professional teams who work on it on a daily basis, so an answer is around the corner, maybe.

Here is a selection of 08 mysteries on which scientists continue to struggle.

What is the universe really made of?

The question seems simple, but it is very complex. In addition to stars, planets, black holes and all objects that travel the cosmos, what is the universe made of? Most of the matter in the universe is actually invisible, untouchable and remains undiscovered today. It is called dark matter , and although scientists are studying it for decades, still do not have clear what actually be.

What is in the “shadow zone” of the ocean?

As you dive into the ocean, less and less sunlight arrives. About 200 meters below the surface , you reach a area called “shadow zone” or “crepuscular”. The scientific name is Mesopelagic Zone. The sunlight fades almost completely , and with it also our knowledge. It is possible – but certainly not – that there are more fish living in the twilight zone than in the rest of the ocean combined, and dark ocean creatures play an important role in climate regulation.

What killed Venus ?

TO 900 ° Venus is the hottest planet of the solar system, thanks in part to an atmosphere almost entirely of carbon dioxide. A horror picture: highly corrosive sulfuric acid clouds on a volcanic landscape of sharp lava flows . Yet some scientists suspect that Venus was once very similar to Earth , with an ocean of liquid water. Venus and Earth also formed at the same time: so why is Venus apocalyptic and Earth a paradise? What killed Venus? There are two main assumptions. One is that the sun baked Venus . The other is that it was the volcanoes . Anyway, we’re going to figure that out.

What will animals be like in the future?

It is impossible to fully predict how the evolution in the future will unfold, and we cannot know how climate change, human intervention and the natural course of evolution will affect the appearance and role of animals. But some changes, especially in birds, we can see already now.

What causes Alzheimer’s ?

There is no certified and accessible cure or effective treatment for Alzheimer’s , a n$degenerative disease. And this is because scientists have not clearly understood the cause of the disease . For years, the prevailing theory has been that Alzheimer’s is caused by accumulations of proteins called amyloids, which actually create plaques in the brain. But drugs that help eliminate amyloids from the brain don’t seem to work very well in fighting the disease. Some scientists think Alzheimer’s researchers have been too focused on this theory, at the expense of studying other potential causes, such as viral infections.

How does a brainless yellow slime known as a mucilaginous mushroom be so smart?

This mushroom is an extremely simple organism which is also strangely complex . Technically, it is a single-celled organism. But many single cells can merge together into a huge mass, capable of thinking . He can solve mazes and appears to be capable of making decisions. It can even keep track of time. And it does so without brains or brain cells. How exactly do they do it? And what can it teach us about the nature of intelligence?

What is the maximum age that a human being can reach?

The first human to survive until 130 years is alive today ? We do not know. Human lifespan has increased over the decades in most of the world, but it is unclear whether there is a ceiling. A man could live up to 200 years? The technology and medicine that could make this possible may already be studied.

Why don’t doctors know more about endometriosis?

In women suffering from endometriosis , the tissue similar to what grows inside the uterus grows elsewhere in the body. It is a chronic, debilitating and painful condition. Yet doctors do not understand what are the causes , and the options of treatment are limited. Worse still, many women with endometriosis do not find help and understanding from doctors. It can take years to get an accurate diagnosis, and research into the condition is poorly funded.

Why do we have the anus?

According to some scientists, the appearance of the anus on animals was indeed epochal in the evolutionary process. Before the anus appeared, the animals had to eat and expel through the same hole. The anus allowed for a more efficient system and allowed animal life on Earth to enlarge and take on new forms. But scientists are not quite clear why has developed , and they don’t know which creature developed it first and when.

What is ball lightning?

For millennia, there have been tales of mysterious orbs of light that twinkle, crackle, and hover eerily during thunderstorms. These apparitions are called ball lightning and remain one of the most mysteries of the Earth. They usually only last a few moments, and it is impossible to predict where and when they will arise.

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